Kinsler, McCarthy news.

Ian Kinsler saw surgical oncologist John Preskitt, M.D., today
and the news was good, relatively speaking. 
Reports indicate that Kinsler’s sports hernia is on the mild end, with
no torn muscles or ligaments but instead “just” an inflammation of
the abdominal wall, and it’s not a lock that his season is over.  Doctors will reevaluate the injury in two
weeks before deciding if surgery will be necessary.

Brandon McCarthy is with the team and is expected to make
his first big league appearance of the season on Saturday.  In his last two starts for AAA Oklahoma —
following a session in Arlington with Nolan Ryan and new pitching coach Andy
Hawkins — the 25-year-old (who we shouldn’t forget is younger than Doug
Mathis, Brandon Boggs, and Travis Metcalf, and just a few months older than
Taylor Teagarden) threw 13 scoreless innings, scattering four hits (all
singles) and two walks while striking out 11 and throwing 68 percent of his
pitches for strikes.

For what it’s worth, McCarthy’s rehab assignment that
followed a season-long stint on the disabled list concluded with an option on
August 7, but since he will be recalled before 20 days have elapsed, the option
will not count.  If he’s recalled on
Saturday, his option will have lasted 16 days, and as long as Texas doesn’t send him back to the farm for
another four days in 2008, he’ll go into 2009 with two options remaining.

But hopefully that note isn’t worth much.  The hope is that McCarthy has turned a corner
mechanically, as he believes he has, and settles in as a fixture in this club’s
rotation, making future optional assignments a non-issue.


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