Feliz no-hitter…sort of.

Frisco righthander Neftali Feliz has just thrown a no-hitter against San Antonio.

Sort of.

Feliz went five hitless innings and was lifted, having thrown 62 pitches.  (Recall that he’s been on a pitch count since late July, throwing 57, 58, 79, and 74 pitches in his last four starts.)  Trey Hodges came out for the bottom of the sixth, protecting a 7-0 RoughRiders lead, and got an out before rain delayed, and ultimately ended, the game.

I’m not sure whether the sixth inning counts statistically since the home team Missions didn’t get the chance to complete their at-bat, but if it doesn’t and the game rolls back to a five-inning contest in the books, then it’s presumably as if Hodges didn’t appear, and accordingly Feliz has fired a no-hitter.

But whether it’s a no-hitter, a combined no-hitter, or asterisked in some other way, who cares?  One of the best pitching prospects in baseball just added a notch.

Here’s the box score: http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?sid=milb&t=g_box&gid=2008_08_19_friaax_sanaax_1

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