What might've been.

An incredible game in an incredible season, it sort of feels like Boston 19, Texas 17 epitomized the 2008 season in the space of nine innings.

The resilience.  The energy.  The wild unpredictabilty.

The hitting.

The pitching.

The game itself unfolded and then, almost impossibly, changed direction, much in the same way the season has, and as we head into what is essentially the final two innings of the regular season, the way tonight’s game ultimately came up short – when realistically the Rangers should have never have been able to put themselves in a position where the game was on the line at all – it may end up microcosmically looking like the campaign as a whole, when we have the chance to look back at 162.

No easy out in the lineup, even a lineup decimated by injury.  

But no shutdown pitcher, either, outside of Eddie Guardado, to whom the club couldn’t quite get the ball tonight.

This game, not unlike this season, was marked both by nausea and by tons of adrenaline.

Which sure beats indifference.

The feeling of “what might’ve been” is one of the most frustrating for an insane sports fan, but even if 2008 ends for Texas with the final game of the regular season, the way this club fights every night in the face of adversity and injuries and long odds, I’m going to look back at this edition of the Rangers as one that happily, at long last, brought “what might’ve been” back.

We’re getting a lot closer.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at www.NewbergReport.com.

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