If you have ever been a C.J. Wilson fan, I think this would be worth your time to read:

The Rangers are better with a healthy C.J. Wilson.  Hope this all works out.

Just before yesterday’s game, after Wilson reportedly addressed his teammates and coaches apologetically, we got this from leader Ian Kinsler (whose pregame encounter with Stars captain Brenden Morrow, according to Rangers Podcast in Arlington host Ted Price, “cause[d] a tear in the fabric of space and time and create[d] a force so powerful that it collapsed onto itself from the sheer weight of its awesomeness”):   

“This team doesn’t hold grudges.  This team has a lot of positive things going on.  We want [Wilson] to be a part of it, and he needs to show he wants to be a part of it.”

While nobody was able to come up with any video of Kinsler’s Monday night dugout rail dismount, Joe Siegler of did pull this together:

Wish there was a shot between number three and number four in the sequence, but you can imagine what it might have looked like.

Eric Nadel’s walkoff call:

Josh Lewin’s walkoff call (with video):

The one thing about that Monday clip that takes some of the air out of it is seeing David Murphy bouncing along with his teammates around the plate.  I wish Murph had tried going around Pudge last night . . . or over him . . . or through him, as he would have been within the rules to do.  We’re going to miss that guy in the lineup.

The top candidates to replace Murphy are non-roster outfielder John Mayberry Jr. (who must be added to the roster this winter unless the club chooses to expose him to the Rule 5 Draft) and Jason Ellison, with roster member Julio Borbon having an outside shot.

Nelson Cruz would be the automatic choice if he weren’t sidelined with a strained quadriceps muscle.  Instead, he’s expected to start a rehab assignment in Surprise soon.  

Texas named Cruz the organization’s minor league player of the month for July, during which he hit .316/.371/.705 with 12 home runs (and one double!) and 28 RBI in 24 games.  Lefthander Derek Holland, who went 3-1, 1.66 (with a phenomenal 22 hits, five walks, and 47 strikeouts in 38 innings) in six starts between Clinton and Bakersfield, was named the pitcher of the month, and Clinton catcher Jose Felix was named the defensive player of the month.

Allen Cordrey has taken his footage of the pregame events at Newberg Report Night (Will Carroll & Joe Sheehan, Hello Win Column Fund presentation, Jon Daniels) and cut 14 separate excerpts for your viewing, at (see the “Videos” section near the bottom of the front page).  

There are 14 video excerpts on the Sports Network Live site.  Here’s a 15th, which appears on Grant Schiller’s website:

Carroll says he’ll have the Newberg Report Night code for a free month of Baseball Prospectus’s subscriber content for us soon.

Here’s a rundown of all the Newberg Report Night recaps I’ve found:

Joe Sheehan of Baseball Prospectus:

Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus:

Grant Schiller of Texas Rangers Trades:

Newberg Report message board thread:

Lone Star Ball message board thread:

Righthander Brandon McCarthy was scratched from yesterday’s scheduled AAA start.

The Rangers were reportedly among as many as half the teams in the league attending free agent righthander Freddy Garcia’s pitching audition on Tuesday.  One writer, Alden Gonzalez of, suggests Texas might have the most interest in signing Garcia, who is attempting a comeback from shoulder surgery.

Carroll noted on Sunday (as you’ll see in one of the video files) that Garcia won’t sign anything more than a 2008 deal, so this apparently won’t be a Jon Lieber-type deal should the Rangers bring him aboard.

Several media reports indicate that the Rangers are looking around for a situational left-hander now that the bullpen is down to one southpaw, closer Eddie Guardado.  The Cubs have designated former Rangers farmhand Scott Eyre (due about $1.2 million over the remainder of the season) for assignment.  Mets lefthander Scott Schoeneweis has reportedly cleared revocable trade waivers, but he has another $1 million left on his 2008 contract and $3.6 million coming his way in 2009.

Hank Blalock is throwing without pain and expects to be activated from the disabled list next week.  

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reports that, prior to last Thursday’s trade deadline, Texas discussed the idea of trading for Seattle outfielder Raul Ibanez, which presumably would have been a function of weighing the cost in prospects (plus the nearly $2 million Ibanez is due the rest of the year) against the two draft picks the club would have gotten back when he departed as a free agent this winter (akin to Carlos Lee in 2006).  (Of course, the two picks would probably have also cost $2 million or more in signing bonuses.)

Rosenthal adds that John Hart is “thinking about pursuing a third stint as a GM,” and suggests Hart could be a candidate in Seattle and Washington.

Since Philadelphia purchased outfielder Kevin Mahar from the independent Kansas City T-Bones in mid-July, the 27-year-old has hit .310/.394/.379 for Class A Clearwater.

Did anyone notice whether Josh Hamilton tagged up at third last night on the disputed Robinson Cano snare of Gerald Laird’s bases-loaded line drive in the second inning?  I could have sworn he did (and then scored), but after I got home from the game I couldn’t find a clip of the play to clear that up.

It wouldn’t have mattered since Hamilton came home on Chris Davis’s two-run single that followed, but it looked like yet another instance of this umpiring crew sustaining what has been an absolutely brutally officiated series.  

But aside from the work of that foursome, this has been an incredibly energizing, intense baseball series, one that wraps up tonight as Scott Feldman and Mike Mussina get the starting assignments.  Texas has already clinched the season series against the Yankees, the first time that’s happened since 2003, but there’s bigger work to be done.  

Geared up.

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