they didn’t really factor into why Texas lost
tonight, or why New York
won, who had the worse four-game series:

Davidson, Andy Fletcher, Alfonso Marquez, & Rob Drake?

Alex Rodriguez, who went 0 for 14 in the series and created 18 outs?

loss, and a shame that Texas
had to settle for a split after the way the first two games went.

we shouldn’t lose sight of what two Rangers pitchers did in the two losses:
Warner Madrigal on Wednesday (3.2 scoreless innings, two hits, no walks, two
strikeouts, 70 percent strikes) and Scott Feldman tonight (a seven-inning
quality start, two runs on seven hits and two walks, four strikeouts, 13 groundouts
and four flyouts, an economical 103 pitches). 

has a 2.45 ERA in the nine games since his forgettable big league debut in New York on July 2.

performance loudly disagrees with the perception that his innings count needs
to be monitored.  His resilience mirrors
that of this entire team.

halfway expected to see Davidson, Fletcher, Marquez, and Drake converge in the
middle of the infield after the final out and get a group hug, overjoyed that
they can get out of town after their collective four-game slump.

just hope they’re not headed for Baltimore.

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