Seeking relief.

Surveying the landscape of potential bullpen additions the Rangers could make this month, I think I know who my number one candidate is.

He won’t cost us John Mayberry Jr.

He won’t cost us Johnny Whittleman and Evan Reed.

He won’t cost us Michael Schlact and Marcus Lemon, and he won’t cost us Derek Holland.

He’d cost us a transfer of Jason Jennings from the 15-day disabled list to the 60-day disabled list.

I’m not sure there’s a potential trade out there that would work for me any more than getting 33-year-old Kiko Calero up here.  

In four appearances since signing, the Oklahoma reliever has a 3.00 ERA, but all the damage came in his first appearance back on July 6 — when he hadn’t pitched in 18 days.

In his last three RedHawks appearances, Calero (whose lifetime big league track record includes a 3.56 ERA with 255 strikeouts and 96 walks in 242.2 innings) has been perfect, facing five hitters and getting six outs (a caught-stealing accounting for the turbo-efficiency).  In two hitless and walkless innings, Calero has fanned four.

He’s coming back from a rotator cuff injury diagnosed a year ago.  But every reliever on the market right now will have warts, whether it’s health or effectiveness or a bad contract.  And he seems to be pitching healthy.  And effectively.

I’ll take Calero, and keep the prospects.

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