It's not about this year.

Chris Davis has made four starts at Rangers Ballpark.

He’s homered in every one of them.

I think you can get away with not doing the math.  That’s pretty good.

Davis has shown that he’s not overwhelmed by the big league experience that, realistically, wasn’t supposed to happen yet.

Just like Brandon Boggs and German Duran and Eric Hurley and Max Ramirez and a bunch of other 2008 rookies.

Including Matt Harrison, who turned in a quality start, by definition and otherwise, in his big league debut, facing one of the best teams in the major leagues.  And getting the win.

Harrison threw strikes (a tick under 60 percent of his 97 pitches), was efficient (14 pitches an inning), was stingy (four singles, a double, and a walk in seven innings), and worked at a really good pace.  He departed with a 3-2 lead, thanks in large part to Davis’s standard round-tripper, greeted by a standing ovation of teammates in the dugout and fans in the stands.  Great camerawork by the KDFI crew, capturing the moment as Ron Washington told Harrison while Texas batted in the bottom of the seventh that he had done his job and helped this team tonight in a number of ways, after which Washington gave Harrison a hug, after which Ian Kinsler did the same, and then so did Marlon Byrd.

Matt Harrison outpitched All-Star and American League wins leader Joe Saunders.

To repeat:

It’s not about this year.  

But it is about tonight.

And tonight was a really, really good night.

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