Cruz attracting interest.

No time for a full report today, but since about half of the
100 or so of you who submitted questions for the game program column this week asked
about Nelson Cruz’s future, T.R. Sullivan of put a blog note up last
night reporting that the Rangers “are getting interest from other teams”
in the 28-year-old outfielder.

Cruz sits at .343/.444/.689 at Oklahoma, in what’s his fifth straight
season to play for some stretch at the AAA level, and he has playable tools in right
field.  But he’s a .231/.282/.385 hitter over
442 at-bats in three big league seasons, is out of options, and can leave on
his own this winter as a six-year free agent if not added back to the 40-man
roster first.

It would take an injury to an outfielder or a decision
that Brandon Boggs would be better off playing every day in AAA (which I would
disagree with) to create playing time in Arlington for Cruz at this point.  But there’s no question that he’s playing out
of his mind this year, and he’s the type of player who will absolutely get more
chances.  Somewhere.

Cruz isn’t going to fetch much, at least on his own, but it’s
encouraging that there’s interest in him, especially this month.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at

1 Comment

I would like to see Nelson Cruz playing out of the Rangers. He needs to go somewhere to show he’s a real big league player.

Please let him go!

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