Crush Davis.

Unlikely results:

August 7, 2002: Travis Hafner legging out a triple for his first major league hit.

July 15, 2005: Rafael Palmeiro going down the left field line for his 3000th hit.

April 3, 2006: Ian Kinsler (a much different hitter then from what he is now) going the opposite way for his first major league base hit, off of Curt Schilling.

If you were told in advance that Chris Davis would cross the plate two pitches into his major league career, you’d have probably come up with 100 scenarios before guessing that he’d mash a single that would roll to a rest on the grass 70 feet away, and then score standing up on a triple.

Davis should be in tonight’s starting lineup against Philadelphia, jogging out to first base with a major league baseball as the Rangers take the field.  Hoping to see more of this over the weekend, however likely or unlikely the means is to the end:


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