June 14

Davis in 639 Class A at-bats: (age 20-21): 
.290/.341/.557, a strikeout every 3.40 AB, a walk every 14.20 AB

Davis in 295 Class AA at-bats (age 21-22): 
.319/.374/.644, a strikeout every 4.15 AB, a walk every 11.35 AB

Davis in 64 Class AAA at-bats (age 22):  .344/.411/.625,
a strikeout every 4.27 AB, a walk every 9.14 AB



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Does it not make sense to have Davis go back over to third base now? With Blalock over at first now and Ramirez and even Smoak the future there where is there room for Chris? What is the plan for third anyways? Metcalf, Vasquez, Duran. Davis played third all last year is makes alot of sense to put him back there and then bring him up at the end of the year and let him stay there for the next ten years.

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