June 10





I don’t know.



– this comes from
Stefan Stevenson of the Fort Worth
, in a sidebar written on Thursday:



Anytime a Rangers player does something extraordinary
in the field or on the mound, they get the finger.

A foam finger, that is.

It was during a series against the Royals at the end
of April with the Rangers struggling when Hank Blalock got the idea for some
team spirit.

Maybe it’s working. Since the finger’s first
appearance, the Rangers have gone 21-12.

The youngest player on the bench who’s not playing
that day is in charge of the finger.

If a stellar defensive play is made, that player is
greeted with a finger in his face when he returns to the dugout, third-base
coach Matt Walbeck said. The same goes for a pitcher who goes out and shuts
down the other team.

The foam finger was in Brandon Boggs’ locker before
Wednesday’s game, but he said he’ll pass it over to David Murphy, who had the
night off.

“There’s no ceremony,” Boggs said.
“They just need to come get it and make sure it’s down there. It’s
something that’s fun and helps us loosen up in the field.”

What if things go south?

“We don’t think about that,” Walbeck said.
“We’re not going there. For now, the finger is working.”

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