Reader contributions:

1. More than a dozen of you pointed out that the RBI record Josh Hamilton set was for reaching 50 faster than anyone at the start of his American League career.  Thanks.

2. This comes from reader Kyle Manigold, who is in management with the Tulsa Drillers, regarding the home run Frisco’s Max Ramirez hit last night as part of a single/triple/homer/walk effort:  “Not to overhype him but the home run he hit tonight here at Drillers Stadium was one of the longest homers in the history of this stadium.  It traveled over the 50 ft. high net behind the outfield wall in left center and out into the intersection of 15th St. and Yale Ave.  If you have ever been to Drillers Stadium you know how far that is, somewhere in the neighborhood of 450 ft. plus.

3. To label Eleanor Czajka as a “reader” is wrong, because she’s much, much more than that.  If you’re not a regular reader of her “Girls Don’t Know Anything About Baseball” blog, you should start now: go to to read her latest excellent post.  

4. This is not an advertisement, but an enthusiastic (and completely unsolicited) endorsement:  Go to Kitchen 1924.  We went last night and can’t wait to go back.  Tucked away in the Lakewood Shopping Center, it’s got a rock’n’roll vibe and a trophy menu (with a great wine list), and it’s managed by one of you: Rangers (and Man.U./Iggy Pop) fan Michael Durkin (  We had a great dinner and a great time, and I’m sorta bummed that we didn’t really know about it before now.

One other thing:  I’ve given up.  I’ve racked my brain and talked to a lot of bigger sports brains than mine.

There’s never, ever been another trade – in any sport – like Edinson Volquez (and Danny Ray Herrera) for Josh Hamilton.

Holding good thoughts for Tom Grieve, one of the really, really good guys.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at


Following up on Jamey’s most recent missive where he relayed a note from Tulsa describing where Max Ramirez’s dinger landed yesterday.     I’ve been to Drillers Stadium — a lot.   And that was well over 450 feet.  Have a look.

Regards old friends….   Stop by and see me @

MJ Hindman


If Google’s measurement bar is accurate, the 15th/Yale intersection is, at its closest, 520 feet from home plate.


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