No team had a worse
ERA than the Rangers’ 5.68 in April.

No team has a better
ERA than the Rangers’ 1.84 in May.

No team allowed a higher
opponents’ average in April than the Rangers’ .302.

No team has allowed
a lower opponents’ average in May than the Rangers’ .197.

While Doc Medich,
Fergie Jenkins, Steve Comer, Bob Babcock, Danny Darwin, Rick Honeycutt, Charlie
Hough, and Dave Schmidt are probably hanging out somewhere tonight with Mercury
Morris, Paul Warfield, and Don Shula, this nonetheless has to be the most
pumped up 18-20 team in the history of the game.  Even on a night on which our ace was done 12
pitches into the game, this was one that felt good the entire way, even though
it was against the team with the second-best record in the American League.

Five straight series

Just two games under
.500.  Seems almost impossible.

I’m heading out to the yard for four of the next five games.  And I can’t wait.

baseball is so rewarding.

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