1. David Murphy has been named
    American League Rookie of the Month for April.  He outpolled Boston outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury (who helped make
    Murphy expendable in the first place), Detroit
    righthander Armando Galarraga, and Oakland
    lefthander Greg Smith.
  1. Frisco catcher Max Ramirez is
    number two on Baseball America’s
    Hot Sheet for the week, recognizing the scorchiest minor leaguers in
    baseball, with stats from the past week getting the most weight in the
    determination.  Ramirez hit .579/.636/1.158 last week, raising his
    season line to a healthy .398/.480/.722.
  1. You can’t make some of this
    stuff up.  Former Rangers farmhand Chris Bradshaw, a right-handed
    pitcher out of TCU who was drafted in the 14th round in 2001
    but pitched only one season in the system before a career-ending arm
    injury, is a contestant on the new season of “The Bachelorette.”  I
    know this only because he told me to check this out.  I have never watched any reality TV and don’t have a whole lot of
    interest in starting now, but I’m rooting for Chris, a really good dude,
    to win whatever it is that you win on “Dancing with America’s
    Top Survivorette of the Big Brother Swap,” or whatever the show is called.


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