From page 243 of your 2008 Bound Edition:



The Rangers once drafted a 6’3″, 220 masher out of college,
developed him as a third baseman, and moved him to first base once he arrived
in the big leagues, which was after just one full season on the farm. 

Mark Teixeira hit 153 home runs as a Ranger, one short of the most any
player drafted by Texas
has ever hit for the team.  But Dean Palmer’s 154 came in eight seasons, while
Teixeira was here for only five.

Another Scott Boras client, Chris Davis, is also 6’3″, 220,
also drafted out of college, and is playing third base for Frisco right now,
though there’s a good chance he’ll move across the diamond and play
first base as a major leaguer, just as Teixeira did.

Teixeira was drafted fifth overall in 2001, three years after
Boston failed to sign him
as a high school pick.  Davis was drafted in the fifth round in 2006, two years
after the Yankees failed to sign him as a high school pick.

*          *          *

Don’t assume that the Rangers have found their next Mark
.  Or even their next Dean Palmer.

But you can bet they’ve found their next pure power hitter in the
21-year-old from Longview .



Fast forward to the present.  Let’s go ahead and add this:


Class A numbers (age 22):  .320/.411/.593

Class AA numbers (age 22 plus a couple subsequent rehab stints): 


Class A numbers (age 20-21):  .290/.341/.557

Class AA numbers (age 21-22):  .306/.367/.641

Tick tock.


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