THE NEWBERG REPORT — April 17, 2008

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count as a Pyhrric victory when
it’s a fan on whom the toll is taken before being rewarded with what really
does feel like a character win, but this morning sort of feels like the first couple
days after those weekend softball doubleheaders (“[I’m w]ay too tired.  And I love it.  Sports soreness is the greatest.”)

Kason Gabbard, Wes Littleton, Franklyn German, and C.J.
Wilson, thank you. 

Jason Botts, Josh Hamilton, Milton Bradley (five walks,
all in the seventh inning and later!), and Frank Catalanotto, you did more than
your fair share.  Thanks.

You too, A.J. Burnett.

I was thinking at about the time that last night’s game
started feeling like a West Coast Special that this morning’s report would be
about Neftali Feliz, Fabio Castillo, Warner Madrigal, Jesse Carlson, and Armando
Galarraga, with some Cristian Santana and Jose Vallejo mixed in, but like those
Sunday afternoons I wrote about on March 30, I’m far too worn out to go there
this morning.

Way too sports-tired. 
And I love it.


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It was no doubt a marathon last nite but the ending justified the fact that the R’s hung in there even after doing their best to give it away in the eighth with the throwing error and Benoit’s inability to find the strike zone. Kudo’s to the Cat, Josh, and Milton for their output and also to Michael who finally had some luck and his a couple of his hard shots fell in. Hopefully we can take this marathon and let it be the start to a winning road trip. Here’s to Padilla having a great start as he will most likely need it going up against Haliday. Go R’s

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