Newberg Report Contest

I bought the new R.E.M. CD (“Accelerate”) at
Barnes & Noble last week, forgetting that I’d preordered it on Amazon a
couple months ago.  The Amazon shipment
arrived today, and though I’m digging the CD, I don’t need two of them.

So I’m going to give it, still wrapped, to one of

My 2008 MLB column is now three weeks old, as I build a
25-man roster from the bottom up, featuring my favorite player from franchise
history at each spot as well as the player from the farm system who might
project best to fill that role down the road. 
The fourth spot — the left-handed bullpen specialist (the “LOOGY,”
to some of you) — is next week’s feature. 
Guess both my all-time southpaw specialist and my top prospect for that
spot, and the CD is yours.

If more than one of you get the right two answers, I’ll send
an email to each of you with the tiebreaker question, which will be to guess
the fifth week’s featured players — the past and future utility infielder.

Here’s who the column has featured so far:

Haselman & Manny Pina

to article:

LONG RELIEVER     Danny Darwin & Michael Schlact/Doug


FOURTH OUTFIELDER Ruben Sierra & Brandon Boggs


Email me your guesses on the all-time
and future left-handed bullpen specialist by 10 a.m. on Friday.


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