Minor leaguers open tonight

the Rangers rest, their four full-season farm affiliates kick their seasons off
tonight.  The Opening Day starters are
scheduled to be righthander Eric Hurley (Oklahoma), lefthander Matt Harrison (Frisco),
righthander Tommy Hunter (Bakersfield), and lefthander Derek Holland (Clinton),
though some reports indicate that righthander Scott Feldman could get the RoughRiders
assignment rather than Harrison.

Lucas has created a spectacular organization depth chart, detailing the Rangers’
minor league rosters, including likely starting lineups, 40-man roster status, and
acquisition history.  Check it out at http://rangers.scottlucas.com/site/org.htm.

This is going to be a fascinating season on the Rangers farm.

Also, my MLB.com column returns today.  Each week this season I’ll take one spot on a
standard 25-man roster and feature not only my favorite player from Rangers
history in that role but also a prospect or two from the current Rangers farm
system who might project to settle in at that roster spot if they develop as

I submitted the first installment last night and will send out an
email once it’s posted.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at www.NewbergReport.com.

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