Cruz clears

According to multiple local reports, Texas
has gotten outfielder Nelson Cruz through waivers, outrighting his contract to Oklahoma.  Since the 27-year-old has not previously been
outrighted, he doesn’t have the right to decline the assignment and he’ll join
the RedHawks.  The chances of him
returning to Arlington
at some point are probably dependent on an injury to someone on the big club, since
it’s not as if he has anything left to prove in AAA (and everything to prove as
a big leaguer).

This will be Cruz’s fifth straight season to play in AAA,
with these past numbers:

2004: .231/.286/.538

2005: .269/.382/.490

2006: .302/.378/.528

2007: .352/.428/.698

He’ll probably destroy Pacific Coast League pitching
again, but unless there’s a need at the big league level, he’s probably not
going to force his way back into the picture here.

If not added back to the 40-man roster before
mid-October, Cruz will have the right to leave this off-season via six-year minor
league free agency.

No word yet on the fate of righthander Robinson Tejeda,
who like Cruz was designated for assignment on March 30.  Chances are the Rangers are waiting another
couple days before putting him on waivers, in hopes that they can first find a
trade partner (perhaps one dealing with an unanticipated pitching injury).  It’s hard to imagine Tejeda would clear
waivers, so one way or another his Ranger days are likely over.


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WOW!! The RedHawks have Gameday on thier website, COOL!!

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