THE NEWBERG REPORT — April 1, 2008

Callback to the May 28, 2007 Newberg Report:

can’t believe the defense this team plays. 
I’m not talking about errors (though only the two Florida teams have committed more), and I’ve
never been one to look at sabermetric measures so I’m not about to begin
now.  The mistakes the Rangers make in
the field ― throwing to the wrong base, diving when they shouldn’t, taking bad
routes, misplaying balls even when the routes are solid ― are stunning. 

It’s certainly not at that level right now, but 11 innings
into the season, six Rangers defenders have not made plays that they should
have, and it’s not rocket science to suggest that while you can’t afford to do
that against any major league lineup, it’s potentially suicidal when you’ve got
Erik Bedard or Felix Hernandez facing yours.

Still feel good about this game, and I think it’s going to
be Josh Hamilton or David Murphy who does something to turn this thing around,
but man, I sure would like to see us catch the ball better.

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