There’s a longtime reader of my baseball stuff whoseabsolute favorite thing about the Newberg Report is when I write about former
Ranger farmhands signing with independent league teams. Seriously.

My favorite thing about the Hardline is when Mike Rhyner and
Corby Davidson interview someone with an interesting background.

Say what you will about the Ticket. If you’re not a fan, it’s probably because
they don’t spend enough time talking sports. On the other hand, if you’re a turbo-P1, your list of the reasons you
listen to the Hardline probably goes a couple dozen deep before you get to “Interviews.” I’m a Hardline P1 and dig a lot of what the show
offers. But when Rhyner and/or Corby i
nterview someone with some standing in the sports
or entertainment world, it’s an automatic stopdown for me.

When Rhynes interviews a ballplayer, particularly one from
The Great Game, he never resorts to cliché. When Corby i
nterviews anybody, he consistently
gets the best out of them because he’s real. Never sounds like he’s doing a job.

What those two have in common is that they ask good
questions. They ask questions that we
may or may not have thought of ourselves, but always ones we want the answers
to. You can tell that most athletes that
do a segment with those guys actually enjoy it, not beaten down by yet another
turn in front of a microphone or notepad where they have to fight through the
same queries over and over.

I hope you were able to hear the segment they did with Josh
Hamilton this afternoon. Very solid 15

One exchange, paraphrased:

Q: “Everybody knows your story, and we didn’t bring you up
here to tell it again stem to stern. But
there are a couple things I want to touch on. [
was a really cool discussion about how much Johnny and Jerry Narron mean to
him. Then this . . .
]  So in the dark years, did you just tune
baseball out altogether, or did you try to stay up on what was going on in the
game, check the box scores, that sort of thing?”

A: “I don’t even read box scores now. I don’t watch ESPN, I don’t watch baseball on
TV. I’ll get shot down for saying this,
but baseball is really boring to watch. But
it’s awesome to play. I love playing the

Q: “What sports do you watch?”

A: “I’m a big college football guy.”

Q: “Who’s your team?”

A: “I don’t really have a favorite team. I usually root for the underdog.”

It was a great, revealing answer, coming from who it came
from. Nice job by Rhynes and Corby
getting him there, even if not fully by design.

Here’s the complete interview.  Enjoy it.

Download hamilton.mp3

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at


Being a Reds fan for 56 yrs. who has defected after the Hamilton trade, I’m loving all the good articles and interviews re: Josh. When the Reds gave up their only 5 tool player ever to keep Jr. loafing around skills all gone was the final straw. I’ll be in Texas this summer. I live in Georgetown, Ky., 63 miles from the Reds, but Texas will be my team from now on. Thanks

glad to have you aboard, we took to josh like a duck to water, both as a player and as a Christian. we root for him and pray for him…

So, do you like being chief of police Jamey?

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