The Newberg Report’s number one Rangers prospect stepped up to the plate in the top of the third this afternoon, with Jason Botts measuring his lead off of third base and Jarrod Saltalamacchia off of second. As Chris Davis settled in against righthander Matt Peterson, with John Mayberry Jr. waiting on deck, maybe Jon Daniels sat in the stands imagining what things might look like in Arlington in a couple years. Maybe it crossed the minds of Eric Nadel and Victor Rojas in the booth. Or yours, as you listened at home.

Ron Washington, whose job it is to win today, tomorrow, and the next day, was probably thinking about how any number of those four guys – who together look as much like an NFL defensive line as they do four hitters who have each been considered at some point as a possible factor at first base – could help him do that in 2008, if not in one month.

When Davis turned a Peterson pitch around, going opposite field atomically and clearing the fence to open up a 5-1 Rangers lead, as he trotted home in the direction of an awaiting Botts and Saltalamacchia and Mayberry, not to mention Daniels sitting near the first base dugout, and Washington just in front of it, the look on his face was that of a man who had simply done his job. But you can bet that inside, even if disguised by his calm exterior, Chris Davis, the Longview native and childhood Rangers fan who just two years ago was hitting junior college pitching in Corsicana, was screaming “KICK ***” . . . .

And I’m guessing Daniels was too, and so was Washington, maybe even as much as a lot of us were.


(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

The future’s getting enticingly closer.

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