1. Bryan Curtis, a columnist for the New York Times sports magazine, Play, has written an article for the March issue of Texas Monthly called “Once More Unto the Breach: A letter to the long-suffering Rangers fan.” Despite the fact that Curtis, who also writes for Slate, Outside, Men’s Vogue, and GQ, devoted three paragraphs to the Newberg Report, it’s nonetheless an entertaining article. Check it out at

2. Also, I’ll have a monthly column in the Rangers game program again this season, and we’re sticking with the minor league Q&A theme that we used last year. If you have questions about minor league players being developed by the Rangers, or any other issues or developments that relate to the organization’s farm system, go ahead and email them to me now (simply respond to this message, or you can email them to me at I’ll probably cut submissions off a week from today for the April edition.

Please include your first name and the city and state you’re writing from. Thanks.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at

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