Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus and Keith Law of ESPN both unveiled their Top 100 Prospect rankings yesterday. Both pegged seven Rangers, equaling Boston and Oakland for most players on Goldstein’s list and second only to the Rays’ nine on Law’s.

Interestingly, they weren’t the same seven. And when John Sickels ran his own Top 100 last week, his eight Rangers didn’t include everyone that Goldstein tabbed, nor each of Law’s. In fact, four of Sickels’s eight made neither Goldstein’s nor Law’s list.

The point is that not only are there widely differing opinions on who the Rangers’ top prospect is (Elvis Andrus, Engel Beltre, Chris Davis, Neftali Feliz, Eric Hurley, and Taylor Teagarden have each topped lists from folks whose opinions I respect), but there’s also a massive number of players landing on these various lists.

Alphabetically, here are the Rangers prospects who show up on at least one of the three Top 100’s referenced above: Andrus, Beltre, Davis, German Duran, Feliz, Matt Harrison, Hurley, Kasey Kiker, Michael Main, Omar Poveda, Max Ramirez, Teagarden.

Twelve players.

That’s pretty sweet.

Flashing forward, in “Lost” fashion: A bunch of those guys are going to be instrumental, one way or another, in bringing the next contender to the home dugout at Rangers Ballpark.

For the record, here are Goldstein’s seven (headlining what he refers to as a “crazy crazy deep” farm system) and where they rank:

30. Feliz

49. Hurley

58. Andrus

62. Beltre

73. Main

74. Davis

77. Teagarden

And Law’s:

31. Andrus (“if Texas manages him carefully, the Rangers have a potential star on their hands”)

40. Teagarden (“a catcher who works the count, hits lots of singles and doubles, and has a plus arm and good receiving skills will be one of the top 10, maybe top five, catchers in the game”)

46. Main (“has a shot to develop into a No. 1 starter . . . right now, he projects as a No. 2 or 3”)

48. Duran

60. Hurley

69. Davis

98. Beltre

Mike Hindman rates the Rangers’ impressive crew of minor league catchers.

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