My top 72 Rangers prospects, as laid out (with commentary on each player) in the new Bound Edition:

1. Chris Davis, 3B
2. Eric Hurley, RHP
3. Taylor Teagarden, C
4. Elvis Andrus, SS
5. Kasey Kiker, LHP
6. Michael Main, RHP
7. Blake Beavan, RHP
8. Engel Beltre, OF
9. Matt Harrison, LHP
10. Neftali Feliz, RHP
11. German Duran, 2B
12. Max Ramirez, C
13. Fabio Castillo, RHP
14. Cristian Santana, C
15. David Murphy, OF
16. Johnny Whittleman, 3B
17. Luis Mendoza, RHP
18. Omar Poveda, RHP
19. Neil Ramirez, RHP
20. Tommy Hunter, RHP
21. Thomas Diamond, RHP
22. Julio Borbon, OF
23. Josh Rupe, RHP
24. Wilmer Font, RHP
25. Joaquin Arias, SS
26. Brandon Boggs, OF
27. Zach Phillips, LHP
28. John Mayberry Jr., OF
29. Omar Beltre, RHP
30. A.J. Murray, LHP
31. Armando Galarraga, RHP
32. Marcus Lemon, SS
33. Carlos Pimentel, RHP
34. Brennan Garr, RHP
35. Jose Vallejo, 2B
36. Evan Reed, RHP
37. Michael Schlact, RHP
38. Danny Ray Herrera, LHP
39. Wilfredo Boscan, RHP
40. Derek Holland, LHP
41. Beau Jones, LHP
42. Steve Murphy, OF
43. Jorge Quintero, RHP
44. Nate Gold, 1B
45. Alexi Ogando, RHP
46. Matt West, IF
47. Doug Mathis, RHP
48. Bill White, LHP
49. Kea Kometani, RHP
50. Jake Brigham, RHP
51. Kennil Gomez, RHP
52. Tug Hulett, 2B
53. Emmanuel Solis, 3B
54. David Paisano, OF
55. Martin Perez, LHP
56. Manuel Pina, C
57. Andrew Laughter, RHP
58. Miguel Velazquez, OF
59. Josh Lueke, RHP
60. Geuris Grullon, LHP
61. Miguel Alfonzo, OF
62. Chad Tracy, OF
63. Tim Smith, OF
64. Eric Fry, OF
65. Johan Yan, 3B
66. Jesse Ingram, RHP
67. Mitch Moreland, 1B
68. Glenn Swanson, LHP
69. Emerson Frostad, 1B
70. Kevin Mahar, OF
71. Jonathan Greene, C
72. Mike Ballard, LHP

I finalized the list before the acquisition of Warner Madrigal, the re-signing of Kendy Batista, and the trades that sent Danny Ray Herrera and Tug Hulett away.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at

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