‘Tis the season for prospect rankings, and there are two things about the Rangers lists that are getting unwrapped that ought to fire you up if this is your team.

One, the depth is unprecedented as far as this franchise is concerned.

Two, as for who the well-respected publications and bloggers are touting as the Rangers’ number one prospect, check this out:

John Sickels (Minor League Ball): Taylor Teagarden
Kevin Goldstein (Baseball Prospectus): Neftali Feliz
Scott Lucas (Ranger Rundown/Newberg Report): Eric Hurley
Mike Hindman (Rangers Farm Report): Engel Beltre
Jason Cole (Lone Star Dugout): Eric Hurley

I’ve got Chris Davis at the top myself.

Baseball America won’t disclose its Rangers rankings for another couple weeks. I doubt Elvis Andrus will emerge as BA’s number one, because Jim Callis admits his skeptical take on the shortstop creates more internal debate at BA than on any other prospect in baseball — but Andrus is nonetheless the type of prospect who could conceivably top a respectable ranking of this franchise’s minor league talent.

Maybe Adam Morris at Lone Star Ball, who hasn’t weighed in yet, will make Andrus his number one.

You won’t see any Rangers prospects showing up in a list of the top 10 prospects in baseball this winter, but there’s a reason that a number of national experts are putting the organization in baseball’s top five as far as overall prospecty goodness is concerned. The depth is exciting.

On top of that, the idea that people who spend lots of time studying these things disagree so noticeably as to who this strong system’s top talent is, in my opinion, stinkin’ cool.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at

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