According to T.R. Sullivan of and Richard Durrett of the Dallas Morning News, the Rangers expect Don Wakamatsu to leave the club for a job on Oakland’s coaching staff, with an announcement possibly coming sometime today. Sullivan notes that Texas will seek a replacement who can handle all three of the primary responsibilities that Wakamatsu had — catching instructor (which is the priority), third base coach, and spring training coordinator — while Durrett suggests that the organization could split the duties between a few coaches (including a catching instructor that would necessarily have to come in from the outside).

Wakamatsu’s departure is not good news. But allow me to counterbalance it a bit by sending you to a story that was just published by Baseball America about Elvis Andrus.

This one is a can’t-miss.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at


Trying to get world Series tickets in Denver is the biggest damned joke in the sports world today. Question, why does MLB have an agreement with Stub for a percentage of tickets sales from their website at incredibly inflated prices. I think there should be a criminal investigation of monoplies and coercion including racketeering charges brought against MLB for the outragoues (SP) practice. What about the fans that live in the area. Why only on line sales. Man I am pissed off.

Why didn’t you mention John Mayberry Jr? BA had some info on Mayberry in the Arizona Fall League Notebook the other day and yet you failed to mention John Jr. You however bring up Elvis Andrus over John Mayberry Jr. I find that rather disturbing.

Disturbing? Why?

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