Kevin Millwood delivers 72 strikes out of 104 deliveries, mixes up his cadence, keeps the Orioles off balance all day, and gets through seven. That’s what he was paid to do. Five strikeouts and 11 groundouts among his 21 outs.

Joaquin Benoit, scoreless eighth.

C.J. Wilson, scoreless ninth.

The maturation continues.

Impressive work at the plate and in the field by Ian Kinsler.

The way Michael Young has hit the ball over the last week, he should already have those 200 hits.

Nelson Cruz finishes the Orioles series with multiple hits in all four games. Fourteen total bases. He’s far from making his lack of additional options a non-issue, but give me nine hits and two strikeouts instead of the opposite.

NFL Draft, 2005: Cedric Benson goes in the first round, fourth overall (second running back taken). Marion Barber III goes in the fourth round, 109th overall (tenth running back taken).

NFL Draft, 2003: Rex Grossman goes in the first round, 22nd overall (fourth quarterback taken). Tony Romo hunts for a job after not being among the 262 players (and 13 quarterbacks) drafted.

And Roy Williams “tackling” in the open field is the football equivalent of a Jose Canseco header in right field, but we’re getting away from the point.

The Barber and Romo point, in the context of a baseball newsletter, is to reinforce the idea that, in this sport and in that one and in most others, a commitment to scouting and player development, and faith in young players figuring things out, is usually a commitment worth making.

A good sports day around here.

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