NEWBERG REPORT PLUS: Instructional League roster set

According to T.R. Sullivan of, the Rangers’ Instructional League roster is as follows:


Beavan, Blake
Boscan, Wilfredo
Brigham, Jacob
Castillo, Fabio
Dennis, Chris
Feliz, Neftali
Font, Wilmer
Garr, Brennan
Holland, Derek
Hunter, Tommy
Jones, Beau
Kiker, Kasey
Laughter, Andrew
Lueke, Josh
Main, Michael
Ocampo, Kyle
Peralta, Juan
Perez, Martin
Pimentel, Carlos
Quintero, Jorge
Ramirez, Neil
Reed, Evan
Wilkins, Robert


De Los Santos, Leonel
Greene, Jonathan
Pina, Manual
Ramirez, Max
Santana, Cristian


Andrus, Elvis
Gomez, Mauro
James, Andres
Martinez, Edward
Lemon, Marcus
Moreland, Mitch
Solis, Emmanual
Suero, Wilson
Telis, Tomas
Vallejo, Jose
Whittleman, Johnny
Yan, Johan


Alfonzo, Miguel
Beltre, Engel
Borbon, Julio
Paisano, David
Smith, Tim

A few items of note:

1. Instructs will stage the pro debut, so to speak, for Beavan, Ramirez, Ocampo, Perez, Suero, and Telis, the latter three of whom are 16-year-olds who were part of the Rangers’ Latin American haul this summer. Baseball America called Perez the top lefthander on the international market this year.

2. One of the two managers assigned to the IL squad is Jayce Tingler, who split the 2006 season between Bakersfield and Frisco after being selected from Toronto in the minor league phase of the December 2005 Rule 5 draft. A college teammate of Ian Kinsler at the University of Missouri, Tingler hit .271/.378/.322 in four seasons as a pro, drawing 221 walks while fanning only 95 times. The infielder coached for the Rangers in the Dominican Summer League this year.

3. Telis was born two months before I started law school.

Good grief.

4. Sort of expected to see Eric Fry in the outfield bunch.

5. Is this is a signal that Pimentel and Font have broken free from the triumvirate that included Geuris Grullon? Or a signal that we fans should stop grouping prospects together in the first place?

6. Man, there’s a ton of talent on that roster.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at

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