As far as music goes, there’s zero risk of me losing any credibility with a certain Rangers pitcher with what I’m about to say, because I know I lost all of my cred a good while back. So I’ll go ahead and say it.

Incubus was pretty **** good tonight. Even if they played only one of the three songs I was most amped up to see.

While the band from outside Los Angeles was playing here in town, the Rangers had essentially traded places with them, playing outside Los Angeles. Tonight, Southern Californians Hank Blalock, Wes Littleton, and Michael Young had big nights as Texas won, 8-7, to take two out of three in the series.

And then there was C.J. Wilson, also basically playing in his own backyard. A night after earning a save despite giving up a three-run homer to Garret Anderson, he permitted two doubles, a single, a walk, and a hit batsman in the ninth in this one, and yet notched another save when he fooled Anderson with the bases loaded on 1-2 check swing.

You know, like the Incubus show — C.J. will be so grateful that I’m drawing a comparison between him and them — it wasn’t perfect, but that’s OK. It was still pretty **** good.

Just dance on fire and enjoy the ride.

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