Things that fire me up right now:

Erica’s beaming smile about the first few days of second grade.

Chris Davis raked his 36th home run tonight, driving in his 119th and 120th runs of the year.

The song "Barely Listening" by the band Pilot Speed.  Had never heard the song until seeing it performed in a live setting on TV last night.  Had never heard of the band until then, for that matter.  A song hasn’t come out of nowhere and affected me like that in 15 years.  It was like watching Jason Kidd for the first time, or Reggie Bush.  Or that initial experience with an HD TV.

Outfielder Engel Beltre and catcher Cristian Santana have been promoted from the Arizona League to Spokane.  Both are in the starting lineup tonight in Boise.  Beltre has singled in three trips so far, and Santana has reached based twice, first on an infield error and then on a double.  Outfielder Julio Borbon was sent down from Spokane to the Arizona League.  He singled to lead off tonight’s game and was promptly thrown out trying to steal second.

That last part doesn’t fire me up.  The idea, however, of Engel Beltre reminding me of Cal freshman Jason Kidd and of Pilot Speed when I first get the chance to see him play?  That, without question, does.


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