May 25, 2007 Newberg Report:

All teams make trades and draft picks. But these are unusual circumstances of strength in those two areas for Texas. The next decade could be shaped heavily by what happens in June and July. Jon Daniels talks occasionally of the importance of maintaining (and staying faithful to) both a one-year and a five-year plan. The middle third of this season stands to impact a lot more than that.

How Daniels and his crew handle this opportunity to restock and revitalize the organization’s assets will probably define his legacy, and will almost certainly impact the ball club’s foreseeable future more than any two months in memory.

So how did it go?

June 7: Drafted RHP Blake Beavan, RHP Michael Main, CF Julio Borbon, RHP Neil Ramirez, RHP Tommy Hunter, IF Matt West, RHP Evan Reed, CF Garrett Nash, and LHP John Gast.

June 8: Drafted another 45 players, including C Jonathan Greene, RHP Andrew Laughter, 1B Mitch Moreland, and LHP Ryan Falcon.

June 19: Signed Main and West.

July 3: Signed Reed.

July 16: Signed Hunter.

July 27: Traded Kenny Lofton to Cleveland for C Max Ramirez.

July 31: Traded Mark Teixeira and Ron Mahay to Atlanta for C-1B Jarrod Saltalamacchia, SS Elvis Andrus, LHP Matt Harrison, RHP Neftali Feliz, and LHP Beau Jones.

July 31: Traded Eric Gagné to Boston for LHP Kason Gabbard, OF David Murphy, and OF Engel Beltre.

August 1: Recalled DH-OF Jason Botts.

August 14: Signed Beavan and RHP Kyle O’Campo.

August 15: Signed Ramirez. Outcome unclear at the moment with regard to Borbon, Gast, and LHP Drew Pomeranz.

(And if Borbon didn’t sign, Texas will get the 36th pick in next year’s draft as compensation — since Borbon is the highest unsigned pick from this draft.)

It will be years before we can say how much this summer’s work will have impacted the success of the big club, but the system, without question, has been emphatically restocked, and revitalized.

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