According to Jim Callis of Baseball America, Texas has come to terms with supplemental first-round pick Julio Borbon on a major league deal. Interestingly, Borbon, a center fielder out of the University of Tennessee, will reportedly get a signing bonus of $800,000 – which is actually less than his slot called for – and will receive an additional $500,000 over the four-year MLB contract. Callis suggests that the reason the deal hasn’t been announced is that it still awaits Players Association approval, which is considered a formality.

The consequence of it being an MLB deal is that Borbon will go on the 40-man roster and his options timetable options clock will begin running in 2008 (assuming he is not assigned to a minor league club so soon that he’d be on option for 20 days this season). By virtue of a wrinkle in the CBA, Borbon will have four options rather than three.

Callis also reports that the bonus Neil Ramirez agreed to yesterday was $1 million, which is a bit over slot, and that the Rangers did not come to terms with fifth-round LHP John Gast or 12th-round LHP Drew Pomeranz.

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I know from watching Julio throughout his entire career at UT, that he is worth whatever the Rangers throw at him. I’m not a big Rangers fan but I am a huge Julio fan and can’t wait to watch him develop in a major league player. Thanks for the update.

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