Detroit came in having won seven straight, sporting a composite .299/.366/.437 hitting line in that stretch, averaging more than seven runs a game, giving up fewer than three a game, and committing just three errors as a team. En fuego.

Jeremy Bonderman came into the game with an 8-0 record, twice as many wins as any other undefeated starter in baseball.

Texas landed in Michigan at 5 a.m. this morning, making what was already shaping up to be buzzsaw of a game a potential cover-your-eyes affair.

But there was Kameron Loe, unfazed and single-minded, taking the ball. Seven innings. Two runs. Seven hits, two walks.

Fifteen groundouts. Five flyouts.

Fif. Teen. Ground. Outs.

He’s a bull.

— Jamey

P.S. Nice job, Tigers, making Akinori Otsuka throw all of nine pitches in the eighth.

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FANTASTIC win by the Rangers and a brilliant job by Kam Loe .. He sure has done his job since his “send down to AAA ” maybe all our Major League pitches should get the same treatment???? Do you think it would wake the others up?

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