This afternoon Jason Botts hit minor league home run number 106, which is what Sammy Sosa’s big league home run total would look like if he glanced up at his rearview mirror.

Hang on, gotta write a quick letter.


Dear Jeff Vorva of the Daily Southtown out of suburban Chicago:

Saw your Saturday note that said: “There was speculation when the Cubs were in Texas that a deal sending [outfielder Jacque] Jones to the Rangers for reliever Eric Gagné was a possibility.”

I assume your editors give you only so much column-inch space to write each day. You could have saved yourself a little space rather than include that note.

You realize, I’m sure, that Gagné was a Type A free agent last winter. That was based on what he accomplished in 2005-2006. This coming winter his Elias classification will be based on 2006-2007 numbers. In 2005, he pitched 13.1 innings and saved eight games, with an ERA of 2.70. He’s already at 20 innings and seven saves this year, with an ERA of 0.45. Stands to reason he’ll be a Type A again this winter.

Jones is hitting .234/.295/.328 with two home runs in 201 at-bats. He’s making $4 million this year and is guaranteed $5 million next year.

So let’s assume that Texas gets no better trade offer from the Yankees or Mets or Detroit or Philadelphia or Cleveland for Gagné than Jacque Jones. (Impossible scenario, but I’m trying to play along with your story here.)

Does it make any sense that the Rangers would prefer to have Jones and the $7 million he’s guaranteed over the next 15 months rather than an additional first-round draft pick plus a supplemental first-rounder in next year’s draft that they’d get by simply holding onto Gagné and making him an arbitration offer this winter that he’ll obviously decline?


Yours very truly,
Bump Wills

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