center field.


the Chicago Cubs.   

Off Jason Marquis, a pitcher who wears the Cubs
#21 that Sammy made famous.

moment for Victor and for Josh, and for Sammy.

for Akinori Otsuka, who Tom Housed the shot.

a bit to my surprise, for myself.

kinda enjoyed that, and the follow-up blast by Frank Catalanotto, which counts
just as much as Sammy’s in the scorebook and, hopefully, will be more than
enough for Kameron Loe, who is dealing for a second straight time out and
putting another deposit in the bank as he moves towards solidifying the job
he’s filling right now.

season was supposed be about a lot more than Sammy Sosa hitting a landmark home
run or Kameron Loe vying to lock down a rotation spot in June, but for the moment,
it feels really good.


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