I get a kick out of all these national media stars who have proclaimed the last couple weeks that the Rangers are going to be sorely disappointed by the trade offers forthcoming for Mark Teixeira for one predominant reason — that he’d be able to leave via free agency after the 2008 season, and therefore teams are obviously not going to give much up for him.

Freakin’ spurious argument.

Reminds me of the radio spot that a local security alarm company ran a few years ago that said, “Studies have shown that about 25 percent of all burglaries occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day every year!!” Which sounds interesting until you realize that about 25 percent of the calendar year occurs between Memorial Day and Labor Day every year as well.

A free Bound Edition to whichever of you emails me the longest list of impact players who have been traded in the last 10 years with more than two seasons left before free agency.

And we’re talking impact players at the time they were traded. Players like Travis Hafner, Adrian Gonzalez, Jeremy Bonderman, and Dan Haren don’t count. Players like Teixeira do.

There may be mitigating factors causing certain teams to struggle with what they’d offer Texas for Teixeira. His quadriceps strain. A steady first baseman already in place. A reluctance to deal with Scott Boras. Who knows? There could be a number of reasons.

Having “just” two pennant races for which Teixeira is guaranteed to be around shouldn’t be among them.

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