There’s very little consensus among the mock drafts this morning as to who the Rangers’ picks will be at number 17 and number 24 in the first round, but this is fascinating: Baseball America’s Jim Callis has Texas taking Florida high school righthander Michael Main at 17, and New Jersey high school righthander Rick Porcello at 24.

Porcello, a Scott Boras client, touches 98, mixes it with a good change, and in many mocks is projected to be the second pick in the entire draft. I’ve read at least one assessment that says some scouts call him the best high school righthander in the draft since Josh Beckett, who was the number two overall pick in 1999 and got $7 million and a big league contract from Florida.

Boras was Beckett’s advisor, too.

I focus on the Callis mock because he’s the man. In 2005, he pegged picks 1 through 18 perfectly, even though the baseball draft is easily the most difficult draft to project.

The pick that broke Callis’s mock in 2005 was the Texas choice at number 19. The Rangers chose John Mayberry Jr., while Callis had them taking Travis Buck, who is now starting in the outfield for Oakland.

Buckle up. Scott Lucas will send out a draft preview shortly, and he’ll also flash the Rangers’ picks in the early rounds once the draft gets underway at 1:00.

Big, big day.

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