“We’re not hitting, we’re not fielding and we’re not pitching,” first baseman Mark Teixeira said. “You almost have to expect to lose when you do that. When you don’t do anything right, you aren’t going to win in this league.

“We’re just playing bad. There are no excuses. I take responsibility for my performance and I think everybody in here does the same thing. But the bottom line is we have to get a lot better.”

That comment was about the only thing that hit the mark on what was one of the most miserable sports days, locally, that I’ve ever experienced.

Glad I’m not six years old anymore. I probably would have cried, the way I did when the Cowboys lost Super Bowl X, only worse.

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Regarding this team, I want to cry. I have also wanted to throw up at times. I hope they turn it around soon.

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