Now that’s a grit win, in a season without many of them so far. Feels like someone ran Disk Defragmenter on the Rangers lineup in the eighth.

You can take a snapshot of some of Michael Young’s swing-and-misses and tell that he is slumping, without looking at any numbers. There was a pitch early on from Grover Cleveland Gaudin (who dealt today in the fine tradition of Bartolo Buchholz and Cha Seung Clemens) and another on the first Justin Duchscherer delivery to Young in the eighth that, seven times out of ten, Young rifles to right field. Both times he swung through fastballs on the outside black and was clearly positioned to pull the ball, exactly not what Young does when he is going well, which is to say the vast majority of the time.

That’s poised to change. In a big way. Any time now.

Sure hope Eric Gagné is OK. Wouldn’t be shocked if the next episode of the Frankie Francisco Show is in Arlington, but if it’s all the same to Big Frank (who was not used today in Round Rock but threw 43 pitches yesterday), I’d just assume it’s not a Gagné injury that ushers in his return to Texas.

Bravo, Hank Joe Blalock, Willie Mays Eyre, and Mr. Lofton. And Robinson Tejeda was one pitch up in Shannon Stewart’s eyes away from a gem.

Nice pair of wins.


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