Going into 2007, Kenny Lofton’s career numbers: .299/.372/.423
This year: .222/.295/.315

Frank Catalanotto’s career: .297/.362/.454
This year: .139/.225/.361

Michael Young’s career: .300/.344/.453
This year: .180/.219/.328

Mark Teixeira’s career: .282/.364/.534
This year: .192/.333/.212

Sammy Sosa’s career: .274/.345/.537
This year: .220/.250/.500

Hank Blalock’s career: .272/.335/.455
This year: .250/.286/.346

Nelson Cruz’s career: .222/.269/.385
This year: .206/.289/.206

Gerald Laird’s career: .266/.315/.401
This year: .132/.209/.184

Ian Kinsler is the anomaly.

Considering the above, it’s almost impossible that this club isn’t far worse off than 6-9 and two games back. The hitting will get better, markedly better, and as long as the pitching (which by no means has been fluky-good) doesn’t fall apart, the Rangers’ record ought to get markedly better, too.

Ought to, at least.


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