Kevin Millwood, six innings of one-run ball. That’s close to how they drew it up on December 29, 2005.

Joaquin Benoit with a seventh-inning hold, permitting a run but throwing 10 of 13 pitches for strikes and fanning two. That’s close to how they drew it up a few weeks ago.

Aki with a scoreless eighth, Gagné with a scoreless ninth. That’s exactly how they drew it up on December 19, 2006.

Good stuff.

And then there’s last night’s pair of offensive stars.

From an interview I did with “Batter’s Box Interactive Magazine” in early March:

Batter’s Box: Finish this sentence: “According to Jamey Newberg, the biggest surprise about the 2007 Texas Rangers will be . . .”

Newberg: Michael Young’s RBI total. Ian Kinsler’s All-Star Game appearance. C.J. Wilson.

Then, from the March 23 Newberg Report:

Before you summarily dismiss the following question, ask yourself if you were one of the overwhelming majority of fans who, in 2005, thought Texas made a mistake keeping non-roster invite Mark DeRosa over Ian Kinsler and Esteban German out of spring training:

Could [Matt] Kata be the new DeRosa?

It’s a little early to take Kinsler’s march or Kata’s possibilities to the bank. But I’m feeling very good about my chances.

You can read more from Jamey Newberg at


And the Cubs were criticized for overpaying Derosa. I didnt think so though.

Too bad they couldn’t bring Joauqin to pitch long relief today. Looks like Cam’s spring was just that……the spring.
I’m already tired of hearing that the season is early because it looks like the Rangers are still playing like it is last year or the year before…..just different players.

People paying good money for tickets or paying to watch the Rangers on the dish or whatever deserve alot better than what is being put out on the field. And Ron Washington deserves one hundred times more that. He keeps sticking his neck out for his guys so they as a team should pick it up for him. Six errors in two games??? What thirteen errors already two weeks in? Come on.

Unfortunately we can’t recreate the 96′ team.

While I’m venting after watching the excuse for a game that I was watching….when does Texiera plan on hitting like he is getting paid to do? It’s great he is walking alot more but to watch him strike out three times against an okay pitcher is just ridiculous. If he is waiting until after the All-Star break the season might be a wash for these guys. I’m just tired like alot of other Ranger fans hearing the same b.s. from the same people.

But being a Ranger fan I will stick by them and keep spending money on tickets and going to watch games hoping that they will play to their potential and not just be known for having potential.

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