Hank Blalock against lefthanders from his big league debut through 2006: .221/.273/.344.

Hank Blalock against lefthanders in three 2007 at-bats: 1.000/1.000/1.667.

On the spectrum of basesliders, you and I and everyone else who has ever played the game at any level sits between Dean Palmer and Michael Young.

Spectacular shot by the KDFI crew of Ron Washington pointing energetically from 150 feet away at Don Wakamatsu after Young had scored on the four-bagger, as if to say to Wak: “Sendin’ Ma-CHINE!” The crew got a shot of Wak calmly nodding acknowledgment. It was very cool.

Name a better right-handed defender at first base than Mark Teixeira. Ever. Garvey? Galarraga? Mientkiewicz?

The list is **** short.

Speaking of Galarraga, enjoy Scott Lucas’s report in the morning on Frisco’s game tonight.

I always forget from year to year how small Manny Ramirez is.

Gotta love Wash’s candor on the pregame show. What, did you think he was going to resort to BaseballSpeak and describe Ian Kinsler’s Saturday affliction as the “stomach flu”? Not Wash. Raw, unvarnished truth.

I thought Ron Mahay’s split was as filthy I can remember seeing it tonight. Eric Nadel and Steve Busby made a great point – how many players have converted from big league position player to big league pitcher with any degree of success? Imagine if Jeff Kunkel had pitched in the major leagues for 11 years, which is where Mahay sits right now.

Schilling, Padilla, and the Sopranos in fewer than 20 hours. Gonna be an entertaining Sunday.

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