There’s a batch of punch lines ripe for the picking as far as today’s 24-7 score is concerned, and none of them are good.

But that’s the thing about the Great Game. San Diego 24, Texas 7 is now a thing of Baseball Past, no more relevant to the imminent Rangers season than:

* Bill Caudill’s half-beard
* John Pacella’s flyaway lid
* Oddibe McDowell’s butter knife
* Todd Burns’s OCCD
* Mark Lemongello
* The Peterson-Kekich wife swap

Especially since it’s spring training. Even if this were June, a loss is a loss when they figure out on September 30 which teams get to keep playing, whether it’s a 17-run drilling or a 2-1 squeaker. But in spring training, a loss isn’t even really a loss, and statistics (especially for veterans locked into roster spots) don’t scare up a whole lot of significance.

Then again, if I’m going to go on and on about Joaquin Benoit’s dirty 7.1 camp innings and dare to invoke the words “Mark DeRosa” when talking about Matt Kata’s work in Surprise, it would be sorta hypocritical to ignore what happened to Kevin Millwood and Ron Mahay and Eric Gagne today.

But just as spring training win-loss records and player stats don’t really have a lot of meaning, blogs don’t really have a lot of rules, and so you’ll either forgive me when I elect to spend no more time discussing today’s box score than I’d spend waxing nostalgic about Greg Harris’s reversible Mizuno, or you can spare yourself the email demanding further analysis of today’s drubbing and use that time to Google “Roger Moret’s catatonic trance.”

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Whatever happened to Oddibe Mcdowell? My brothers friend used to have his 87′ Topps rookie card and said he was gonna be good.

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