Every written report and news story I’ve read the past few days refers to some sort of “circus” coming to Surprise today, coinciding with the Rangers’ first full-squad workout. The club expects more than 100 media members to show up this morning, an unusually large contingent. That’s really cool.

It’s cool that the national press is so fired up about the reinvigorated Rangers clubhouse, intrigued by the club’s decision to approach Ian Kinsler about a multi-year deal that would extend into his arbitration-eligible years, fascinated by the news that C.J. Wilson could become one of the first MLB pitchers to tinker with the fabled gyroball (though not off a mound for now, at his coaches’ behest), concerned that John Rheinecker has been shut down tentatively due to back spasms, curious about whether Frankie Francisco might be reasserting his bullpen role, interested in Jason Botts’s outfield work with coach Gary Pettis, and determined to get club comment on ex-Rangers outfielder Kevin Mench’s announcement in Brewers camp that he’ll “pitch a fit” if he is asked to go into the season starting only against left-handed pitchers.

Looking forward to weekend coverage on all of that.

Today’s a great day, Baseball Fan. The opening bell is about to ring.

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Ha Ha Jamey yeah right .. I wish that were true (hey maybe some might be true???) BUT Sammy is gunna be IT and we all know it ..

COMEON Baseball season can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!

Go Rangers !!!!!!

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