Bob Uecker, b.1935, 6’1”, 190 — Lifetime .200 hitter, perfected the art of catching the knuckleball (“wait until it stops rolling”)

Joe Pettini, b.1955, 5’9”, 165 — May have looked less like a baseball player on his 1981 Topps baseball card than anyone in the history of ever

Rick Schu, b.1962, 6’0”, 170 — Was to Mike Schmidt what Manny Alexander was to Cal Ripken

Lou Frazier, b.1965, 6’2”, 175 — Answer to the trivia question, “Who did Texas trade Hector Fajardo for?,” which begs the question why anyone would want to know who Texas traded Hector Fajardo for

Esteban German, b.1978, 5’9”, 165 — Answer to a sorta similar trivia question that I’m worried we won’t want to ask pretty soon

Andres Torres, b.1978, 5’10”, 175 — Huge camp for Texas in 2005 was followed by 19 regular season at-bats for the Rangers, in which he hit less than Uecker

Lincoln Jacob Daniels, b.2007 (at 9:35 p.m.), 7 lb., 1 oz. — Limited range; does not repeat well (yet); late bloomer (with regard to delivery); temperamental; lots of clean-up in his immediate future

Big congrats to Robyn and Jon Daniels.

See you all at Fan Fest today.

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