There are many reasons that The Great Game, for me, is the greatest game, not the least of which is that, among the three bigs, baseball is the least likely — by a ton — to be affected so monumentally by phantom judgment calls by the officials rather than by plays made by players, the least susceptible to such a sickening travesty of officiating. (And no, I’m not talking about the Cowboy’s final play from scrimmage.)

My decompression from finishing the Bound Edition gave away instantly to a five-week stomach ache of watching this team play football, a disgusting stretch that ended half an hour ago. But the stomach ache will be gone when I wake in the morning. The 2007 baseball season is underway, as far as I’m concerned. No more decompressing, no more football.

The final three words of the 2007 Bound Edition apply to baseball, to the exclusion of the other pro sports I love.

Pitchers and catchers in five and a half weeks.

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