I’ll send one more blast out in the morning, but here’s your next-to-last reminder of the details for tomorrow’s Newberg Report Book Release Party, with one new addition to the lineup:

What: Book release party for the 2007 Bound Edition of the Newberg Report

When: Wednesday, Dec. 13, 6pm – 9pm (but consider arriving closer to 5:00)

Where: Tin Star restaurant, 2626 Howell Street in the Uptown area, a few minutes north of downtown Dallas

What else: Ranger players Ian Kinsler, C.J. Wilson, Kameron Loe, John Danks, and Taylor Teagarden will sign autographs and will conduct a Q&A session as well — the cost of autographs is simply the purchase of the 2007 Bound Edition ($25)

What else: Your purchase also gets you a voucher good for one complimentary Rangers ticket for each ticket you purchase at regular price for a regular season Rangers game in 2007 (with a few date restrictions); you may use it to buy one and get one free, buy two and get two free, and so on

What else: Tin Star will take 10% off your food and drink order (discount does not apply to alcoholic beverages) when you tell them you’re there for the Newberg Report event

What else: If you buy a $25 Tin Star gift card while you are there, you will get a free $5 gift certificate for yourself

What else: We will raffle off two baseballs signed by Michael Young during the event

What else [NEW]: We will also raffle off an unframed, 12” x 12” Babe Ruth Hand Embellished giclee print courtesy of renowned local artist Grant Smith (, the original of which is in the Orlando home of Johnny Damon…Grant creates unique baseball paintings that deal with life, death, greed, ego, and racism, using baseball as a metaphor for American innocence.

Important: Attached is the purchase form that you’ll need to turn in at the front table in order to get your book(s) and to get autographs from the players (limit of three autographs for player, for a total of 15). To speed the process up, we’re asking that you please print the attached form and fill it out BEFORE YOU ARRIVE (whether you’ve prepaid for your book or won’t pay for it until tomorrow night). Otherwise, you’ll need to fill one out at the party. Bringing a completed form will get you into the autograph line more quickly and will help us make everything go more efficiently.

Even if you already have the book and are bringing it to the event as your “admission” to get autographs, please complete a form – it will also serve as your raffle ticket for the two Michael Young baseballs and the Babe Ruth print.

Let me know if you have any questions. See you tomorrow.


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