Bound Edition update:

* The books come off the printing press tomorrow night. I plan to ship all paid orders on Friday, unless you have told me (or tell me today or tomorrow) that you want to pick your order up at the Book Release Party a week from tonight at Tin Star (Wednesday, Dec. 13). So if you want to get your books at Tin Star, make sure you tell me that – I would guess you’d get your order in the mail before then, but of course I can’t guarantee that.

* When you arrive at Tin Star, there will be a table near the entrance to the patio where you’ll need to stop to get your 2007 Bound Edition – remember, you have to have the book in order to get autographs from our guests: C.J. Wilson, Kameron Loe, John Danks, Taylor Teagarden, and one more Rangers player whose name I will announce shortly. So if you get yours in the mail before then, make sure to bring them to the event.

You will pay for your books at that patio table and get your books there. (If you’ve prepaid, we’ll have a list you’ll need to be checked off of in order to get your books.) Once you have your books in hand, you can get in the autograph line.

To speed the process up, like last year, I will email a form for you to fill out (whether you’ve prepaid or not) BEFORE YOU ARRIVE. Otherwise, you’ll need to fill one out at the party before you can get your book. Bringing a completed form will get you into the autograph line more quickly and will help us make everything go more efficiently. I’ll email the form tonight.

* If you have prepaid and you’re having someone attend in your place on Wednesday to pick your Bound Editions up for you, you need to let me know that person’s name in advance.

* Reminder on this year’s special: If you buy at least two copies of the 2007 book, you will get a free Bound Edition from any previous year (except 2003, which is currently out of stock), your choice, as long as my supply of those respective books lasts.

* A gift set of all seven available Bound Editions (2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007) is available for $100, which is a $15 discount.

* Everyone who orders the 2007 Bound Edition gets a coupon good for one complimentary Rangers ticket for each ticket you purchase at regular price for a regular season Rangers game in 2007 (Sunday through Thursday, excluding April 8, May 1-3, June 24, and July 4). You can make this a buy one/get one free, a buy two/get two, whatever. Offer is valid for tickets valued up to $25 and is subject, of course, to availability. I’ll put the vouchers in the mailed orders and also with books picked up at Tin Star next Wednesday.

More details soon.


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