Three matters of clarification:

1. I now understand that 1997 Gaucho teammates Michael Young and Barry Zito don’t refer to their school at Cal Santa Barbara. It’s UCSB.

2. I’m not really expecting a book deal. I was sorta trying to make a point by making a joke at the end of yesterday’s report, but based on some of the emails I’ve gotten since then, I wasn’t subtle enough. No book deal.

3. Our fourth guest has confirmed for next Wednesday’s Bound Edition book release party at Tin Star (Uptown): Taylor Teagarden will join C.J. Wilson, Kameron Loe, and John Danks at the Dec. 13 gathering, from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. Still waiting for final confirmation from our fifth guest, another big name. Will keep you posted.

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see I told you I would put the “mocka” on you JN lol. No book deal? sheeshh they don’t know what they are missing..

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